Past Meetings 

Mon 28th July - Talk on The Properties of Crystals with Julie Ransley

On this rather wet evening we all assembled to learn more about crystals and their traditional uses and qualities. We started by choosing a small crystal from a basket of many with our eyes shut in order to allow a crystal to choose us. Once we had our crystal in our hand we were shown how to cleanse it of any negative energies using our intention and a visualisation. Then going around the room we showed the group what crystal we had chosen and Julie explained its properties and what it would be used for. Some had Rose Quartz, a calming and gentle healing stone, others had Citrine for mental focus and for attracting wealth and success and there were also Amazonite, Red Jasper and Amethyst crystals amongst the group. We were all able to connect to the energies of our crystals and send the energy of them to everyone in the group via a group meditation. An evening of discovery and insight that was enjoyed by all who attended.

For more information on Crystals and their traditional uses and qualities click here




Mon 30th June - Talk on Kinesiology with SFHP member Penny Davey 

An interactive evening with demonstrations on how to muscle test, check if you were hydrated enough, how to zip your own energy up and down and also how to self test whether something is healthy for you or not. There were a few glum faces and moans when chocolate turned out to be unhealthy for most of the group! We also found out how to check and correct any blocked chakras and we discovered the reasons for a blockage. 
A fascinating evening which was highly enjoyed by everyone. 




Mon 19th May - Treatment Evening

What a good night we had. Everyone had the opportunity to give a treatment and to receive a treatment. One of our newest members also had the opportunity to get feed back on his new abilities with his treatment, and we were all agreed that benefits had been felt. All in all a succesful evening.




Mon 31st March - Talk on Colour Therapy with Annie Love

Due to the talk on crystals being postponed ( now scheduled for July '14 ) we were lucky enough to be able to invite Annie Love back to talk about her colour therapy, which those who had been able to attend had all enjoyed on her previous talk in October. This time Annie talked about the properties of colour and how powerful colour can be. To demonstrate she used the colour bottles to realign our chakras, simply by us focusing on the colour bottle, out of the chakra colours that we were drawn to. A simple, but very powerful and effective demonstration.




Mon 24th February - Talk on Nutrition with SFHP member Liz Slate

Most of our members came to this meeting as there was a strong interest in this subject. Liz presented well and each member came away having learnt something new.




Mon 27th January - Post Christmas Social

This month saw just a few members turn out for a social get together, to catch up on everybody's news and to gain any help and advice from those who attended. Although there wasn't many of us this time, it made for an enjoyable and instructive evening.




Mon 25th November - QI Evening with SFHP member Diane Oliver

An interesting and different evening as SFHP member Diane hosted an evening of quite interesting facts, to incorporate a pre Christmas social gathering for members.




Mon 28th October - A Talk on Colour Therapy with Annie Love

The weather was against us at this meeting as Kent suffered from very high winds and rain.  A couple of the members managed to make it through to get there, so this month saw a more intermet affair for information on colour therapy, and the benefits that it can achieve.




Mon 30th September - Life Coaching Talk with Elaine Mace

This month the members were treated to insights into how to plan and focus on the steps that we all need to take in order to drive our goals forward. Elaine was a very lovely lady who was able to share ideas and tools on how to create and develop our therapy businesses by simply breaking down the steps needed to take in order to achieve our goals and aspirations. This ws a fun and educational evening.




Mon 29th July - Member's Treatment Evening

All the members of the SFHP gathered together to talk and to discuss any problems or experiences that they were having, and to also receive a massage or some reflexology kindly volunteered by a couple of our members.




Mon 24th June - Talk by SFHP member Dawn Cockburn - new rules that effect working with GP surgeries



Mon 20th May 2013 - Casual meet up 

This month saw some of the members booked in to having tables at a pamper evening event at Rodmersham, so it was arranged that any members could attend the event for free and receive a treatment if they so wished. It was also an opportunity to meet, catch up with everyone's news and ask for any help or advice if they needed it.




Mon 29th April 2013 - AGM

Another year of the SFHP has come to an end again, and as the group assembled, it was agreed that we had had a very good programme over the last year with lots of interesting talks and workshops. Now it was time to re-elect our offices which saw some new faces take over some of the roles. We also had to sadly say goodbye to some members who had decided not to continue, but there was also some news of some possible new interests as well. After all the formalities, a bring and share "picnic" was enjoyed by all with time to catch up on everbody's news.




Mon 25th March 2013 - Bach Flower Remedies Talk overcoming stress

This was an extremely interesting introduction to Bach Flower remedies. It was explained what they are, how they are made and what they can do in order to help. The group learnt that these remedies use the gentle power of nature in order to re-balance your thoughts and emotions. So by simply adding a couple of drops of remedy to your drink over a period of a few weeks, any negative emotions should be calmed in order for you to continue to function in a way that you have done so before. Leaving you feeling a lot happier, and feeling balanced once again. It was agreed that this insight into Bach Flower Remedies was a fascinating and enjoyable talk, and ended our season of activities on a complete high.




Mon 25th February 2013 - Repeat of the Healing Voice Workshop with SFHP member Gail Duff

This month gave those members who were unable to attend November's meeting a chance to experience voice therapy with Gail, and for those who did attend an opportunity to experience this technique for a second time. The workshop included a balancing of attendees chakras using different sounds from the voice, which left everyone who came feeling so much better.




Mon 28th January 2013 - Social Gathering and Open Day

This month the group had a general meet and greet to catch up with everybody's news and to give any help and support to any members or guests that required it. Unfortunately the weather was against us this month so the turn out was a little under the normal numbers, but for those that were able to make their way in through the snow, they caught up with everyone's news after the Christmas break.





Sun 25th November 2012 - Healing Voice Workshop with SFHP member Gail Duff

This month the group enjoyed an interesting, informative and practical meeting in way of a workshop hosted by SFHP member Gail Duff. A gifted lady with a natural talent for the use of using your own voice in order to heal yourself. The group learnt more about Sound Therapy, and then they were introduced to the sounds that would help balance and bring back well-being to their body. Gentle movements combined with sound from your own voice surprisingly had a calming affect that was experienced by all, and there were some helpful techniques that the group were able to take away with them at the end of the session. A very powerful, but gentle experience.

For more information on Gail and to learn more about Sound Therapy please click here





Mon 29th October 2012 - Interactive Talk by Sophrologist Florence Parot

The SFHP group, along with their guests, enjoyed an interesting insight into a fairly unknown technique known as Sophrology. Starting its days abroad, it has only been in recent years that Sophrology has made its way over to the UK. We found that, in its basic form, it works by using gently and simple exercises to relieve stress and tension in a quick and easy fashion. The group was able to join in with a few demonstrations to release stress from the neck and shoulders, and with gentle breathing exercises to help calm and relax. Quite an eye opener for most of us, and everyone seemed to benefit from these simple techniques. And of course by trying out these few ideas, we were able to take them home with us, ready to reuse should we feel the need to. A very big thank you goes out to Florence for a very informative evening.

For more information on Sophrology please visit Florence's website




 Sun 15th July 2012 - Training day, First Aid At Work Certificate

The members of the SFHP group all got together on this sunny Sunday to learn the basics of first aid, so that we would all know what to do if an emergency came up whilst at work. We had the lovely Mary Matson training us, who had been training various people in first aid for several years now, and her passion and knowledge of the subject certainly came across and over flowed. Although the subject matter was serious, we did also have a laugh along the way. We were given the basic information on what to do in an emergency, the signs to look for in a patient when ill, or in shock and what to do with injury and bleeding. We all got the chance to practice CPR on the adult, teenage and baby dolls and we paired up and practiced putting one another into the recovery position. A light hearted but informative and practical day.





Mon 25th June 2012 - Talk by Chiropodist Pam Cheatle

We had a fascinating talk by Pam about the anatomy of feet and how they were designed to work. She showed us a model of the 'perfect' foot and it was a surprise to most of us, who attended the talk, to discover that the longest toe is not the big toe but the middle one. Needless to say we all looked at our feet and discovered we did not have perfect feet. Pam talked about the problems that can arise if you do not have perfect feet and how she can help alleviate these problems with the use of orthotics and with preventative exercises. Pam also gave each of us a brief asessment of our own feet and confirmed (in a very gentle manner) that none of us had perfect feet or even one perfect foot!



Mon 28th May 2012 - Member's Talk

Newest member Sue Mumford took the floor at this month's meeting to talk about her work with the Alexander Technique. Members were told how this technique works to help the body work and move at its best, simply by correcting posture and movement. None of us realised just how our unconscious movements, some as simple as getting up out of a chair, were impacting our bodies. By changing posture and movement in everyday activities, the Alexander Technique can help relieve many ailments within the body. An interesting talk once again that particularly left us all thinking afterwards.



Sun 13th May 2012 - Well Being Day

The SFHP's well being day was once again held at Highsted School which featured an array of therapies to choose from, plus readings, aura photography, gifts and the art train art gallery. Many people arrived on the day to enjoy the tasters on offer, such as a relaxing massage, a reflexology treatment, facial massage and crystal healing. They were also able to receive a tarot or numerology reading, buy a gift or two and enjoy a cuppa with a cup cake. An informative and enjoyable day as always with a raffle prize drawn at the end of the day which amounted to a £80 prize.




Sun 22nd April 2012 - AGM

The SFHP Annual Meeting took place in the Fruiterers Arms pub in Rodmersham. Before the AGM commenced there was a chance for members to catch up and socialise over a meal that was kindly laid on by the pub landlord. At the meeting we received a round up of  the achievements that the group had made over the past year, and a summary of what to expect in the next. The election of the committee was made, with most committee members standing again for another year. The roles of Secretary, Programme Co-ordinator and Events Co-ordinator are still looking to be filled. The meeting was rounded up with a summary of our forth coming well being event, before the meeting was officially closed.  The SFHP has had a good year, and is now looking to better that in this coming year ahead.



Mon 26th March 2012 - Member's Talk

SFHP member Amanda Green put herself forward to do a talk on her therapy, Hypnotherapy. Amanda has been using this technique for many years, so with her advanced knowledge she was able to give the group an insight into how hypnotherapy came into being, how it actually works and the benefits a client can receive from a treatment. She was also able to dispel some myths, that perhaps hypnotherapy had acquired along the way. A very informative evening, which was enjoyed by everyone.



Mon 27th February 2012 - Treatment Evening

Three members of the SFHP volunteered their services for the evening to give treatments to the other members. On offer was Reflexology, being given by our coordinator Karen West, Natural Face Lift Massage taster sessions with Susan Lawlor, and mini Herbal Medicine consultations with Milena Moore.

Each member of the group took it in turns to receive one of the treatments being offered, and it was also a time to socialise with one another. It was also an opportunity to ask for any advice, or to discuss any issues that a member might have in regards to their own practice. Tea, coffee and biscuits were available, and in the warm welcoming atmosphere, everyone enjoyed a bit of pampering and the support from the group.



Mon 30th January 2012 - Body Alignment Workshop

We had a very enjoyable couple of hours getting to know Kevin Cullen, who was conducting the workshop, and we got to understand how he uses manipulation of the body to help his clients with pain issues. He talked about how, when bones are out of alignment, that over the years  it can create serious problems.

He introduced us to the "crude" piece of equipment that he uses to assess a client to see how symetrical they are. Using this he can see areas of the body that are out of alignment, and then he would know what treatment to do in order to help realign the body again.

We each took it in turns to stand behind the equipment, whilst the other members in the group got a chance to see how looking at the body this way, you could see where, and if, the body was out of alignment, and the differences in the two sides of the body there might be. Sometimes the differences were ever so subtle, but using this method it was easy to see.

We were all then shown another method of assessment by lying down on a couch, and noticing if key positions along the body were the same distance apart.

It was a very interesting evening, and to those members who particularly work with the body in their treatments, it was certainly most beneficial. We came away that night all having learnt something. Our thanks go to Kevin.